As many people do, I am currently obsessed with my Iphone. I’m talking full-out, over my minutes, over my data, completely obsessed. I’m like that Beyonce movie from earlier this year, only I look awful with panty hose.

Perhaps my favourite thing about the phone itself is the ability to download apps for your phone. I’ve made a vow to myself to try to only download actually practical apps, with varied amounts of success. I spend hours researching the best apps to have. Once I find some, I usually download them get rid of them within a few hours. I follow a strict code on my Iphone and if I don’t think they are going to be useful, then they are out!
The BlogTO, a blog of Toronto (duh?), recently compiled a list of their favorite Iphone Applications, developed by Canadians. There are some obvious ones like the apps for Air Canada and Toronto’s Eaton Centre, but there are some cool ones that are definitely worth adding to your Ipod. I’m already a giant fan of Rogers MyAccount, which keeps track of your phone usage. Then there is Kobo, which allows you to turn your Ipod into an e-book, without the expensive and impossible to find, Kindle. Lastly there was the Finder Series of apps, which includes applications to help you find the nearest Tim Hortons, RBCs or ATMs with low service charges!
Santa, can I please have some Itunes cards for Christmas?!

Mike Morrison


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