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Please note: Waterton is currently under an evacuation alert due to forest fires. The town is worth the visit, but maybe some other time. 

If you’re heading out on a late-summer road trip, you want to make sure you’re focused on what matters: Like hidden gems, delicious finds and capturing the perfect photo.

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One of my favourite road trips is exploring the small towns around Calgary, of which there are many. But here are some of the top tiny towns were visiting before the snow starts flying.

Population: 169

Field is the first town in British Columbia that you’ll pass after Lake Louise and it’s easily one of my favourites. The small town has quite a few guest houses for rent, which makes Emerald Lake and Lake Louise just a short drive away. And Truffle Pigs is an amazing restaurant worth the drive from Calgary alone!

Carbon, Alberta
Population: 454

At first, Carbon looks just like any other small Alberta town, but there’s a mystery to this town, a murder mystery. You see, nearly one hundred years ago, three men were murdered and there’s still a lot of questions to who the murderer actually was. The story is told in this really unique exhibit that’s sorta like Serial meets It’s a Small World After All. It’s really well done and will definitely leave you feeling like you could be the next Nancy Drew!


Rosebud, Alberta
Population: 87

For a population of under a hundred people, it’s remarkable that more than 40,000 people visit every year. That’s because it’s turned itself into a theatre community, with people coming form all across Canada to enjoy original plays in a unique atmosphere.


Markerville, Alberta
Population: 42

This town is so small, if you blink you might miss it. But it’s history is rich with Icelandic culture. The old creamery has been converted into a museum, but still serves a mean cone of ice cream.

Population: 105

Honestly, this is probably my favourite town in Alberta. But don’t let it’s small size fool you. In the summer, it gets busy. In fact, one day this past summer, it got so busy, they closed the town. No one was allowed to enter. But if you want until one of their quieter weekends, you’ll be treated to a town that sits on the edge of a mountain and a lake and has more wild animals than you could ever imagine. It’s magical.

Mike Morrison