>What a week!!! The final Canadian Blog Award winners were announced today and I can’t believe the results…..

Are you serious!?  3rd Place!  In ALL of Canada!!!!  
That is just too crazy.  I can’t believe it!!!  I mean really, if you think about all the blogs out there from coast to coast to coast and I have the third most popular?  
Congrats to both the 1st and 2nd place finishers (and 4th and 5th of course)!
A million Thank-yous to everyone that voted and got others (not the Others) to vote.
This whole thing has been an amazing experience for me.  It has really encouraging and with every post, I feel like I learn a little bit about myself as an aspiring writer.
Here is to an amazing 2008. And I hope you’ll be along for what has already been a crazy year!

Mike Morrison