Applications for Wipeout Canada closed last week,

The show will film in Argentina in October and will air next spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a sneak peak at which Canadians submitted their names in hopes of winning the grand prize.

After a quick search on Youtube for “wipeout canada audition”, dozens of video came up.  Here are some of my favorite:

Matthew Brake (St. John’s) rips a phone book, clips 25 clothes pins to his face and his genuinely pretty funny!

Chris Kulakowsky (St. Catherine’s, Ont) made his own Wipeout Canada obstacle course.  But the really funny part is how much of a “hand talker” he is.  Watch out, he might poke an eye out with those things!

Mike spent way too much time on his video, but it is sorta funny none the less. I let you interpret the word “funny” however you see fit!

Alana Mercer from Winnipeg channeled her inner Ultimate Warrior for her audition tape. I’d be scared to see her reaction if she didn’t make it!

Nadine Matthews from St. John’s definitely wins for coolest application from a mom! And her laugh? Completely infectious.

Blaine, Joey, Michael and James Stephans are four brothers who definitely won in the Gene-lottery. But will Wipeout Canada take all four? If they want women to watch they should!

Mike Morrison


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