>So finally we are here at the Top 12 of American Idol.

For those of you who didn’t see it Ryan started the night off with a whole new theme intro, logo, set, mosh pit (?) and a whole new set of meds for Paula Abdul.

I truly believe this not because American Idol was due for a makeover, I think it’s because the promise of the best Top 12 ever didn’t exactly came true and we American Idol fans are easily distracted by bright things and heavy meds.

Tonight is also a really important night because for the first time ever American Idol gained access to some guys named John Lennon and Paul McCartney. All ready I’m excited because Paula actually just made a statement that made sense. Loving the meds.

Syesha Mercado is up for first. Which didn’t bode well for Luke Menard and Asia’h Epperson. I’m happy that she chose to start off the show with the up beat song “Gotta get you into my life”. I’m also happy because we get the Idols for longer than the normal two minutes. Syesha looked different tonight because she actually looked like she was having fun, which is different from the acting like she is having fun that we normally.

I’m also starting the “Pitch” count: 3

I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to like Chikezie because I really think Danny Noriega got the shaft (hee hee). Hell even he is surprised to be there. But he’s here now so we have to deal with him and his version of “She’s a woman”. I don’t care how much I kinda like his performance tonight, I must resist. OK, I’ll give him one more week, but I hope he doesn’t make the Top 10 and the eventual American Idol tour.

Ramiele Maluby is suffering from the usual high expectations and low output . She dedicated her song “All My Life” to all her close friends that have left the show already (see: Danny-who has already gotten to mentions on the show tonight). Ramiele continues tonight streak of surprisingly strong performance. It’s emotional, personal and nearly pitch perfect…literally. But the judges didn’t love it.

Fan Favorite Jason Castro teases us with “Yesterday”, but settles on “If I fell”. Man, I hope this guy goes so so far. He is just keeps getting better and better. Did you see that guy’s interview? The once camera shy Jason is a natural now. Like the judges always say, this song could be released today and be a hit. Download it tonight!

Dear Carly Smithson, Can we be best friends? We can “come together” and you can sing to me everyday and I will write you angsty poetry in blog form? I’m glad Carly is on the show because she can actually challenge that little brat David Archuleta for the crown.

BedHead (David Cook) has the dubious honor of following my new BFF Carly. He sings one of my favorite songs “Elenor Rigby”, no doubt to try to win me over. Although I do like the rock tone he naturally brings to it…..OK it’s actually pretty good. He definitely brought it on during the second half of the song.

Pitch Count: 4

I was definitely most excited about Brooke White tonight. I just knew she would be amazing. Her choice tonight is “Let it Be” and on top of taking on one the Beatles most popular songs she also chose to play the piano. Alicia Keys? I think she started off slow, but my expectations were high, but she really sold it near the end and even looks like to she brought out the crocodile tears…..solid move. Download that shit.

David Hernandez is up next and oddly enough doesn’t mention a single thing being a male stripper for gay men as one of his jobs. Instead he talks about some “pizza bistro”. Righhhhht……
I’m actually a fan of David’s singing and tonight his version kinda reminded me of Clay Aitken…..and that ain’t a good thing. Cheese factor? 20,000.

Amanda Overmeyer is smiling so I’m obviously nervous. And not just because it is becoming more and more obvious that she has the worst fashion taste on Idol ever. Have you ever heard of “You can’t do that”? I haven’t but then again my musical taste usually don’t extend Rick Dees. The good thing about doing a lesser known song is that she can definitely make it her own and she definitely did that. I really liked and like Syesha and Chikezie before her, Amanda seemed to have a lot of fun tonight!

Michael Johns sings one of my favorite songs “Across the Universe”. Have you ever heard the Fiona Apple version of it? Great stuff and now back to Michael….man I like typing that. I liked what he did with the song because we know he can rock it out and we needed to see the soft version of him. I’m downloading this shit too!

Kristi “lucky to be here” Lee Cook loves horses! Did you know? Her song tonight “8 Days A Week” aims to please Simon. She convieniently leaves out the other judges. She then proceeds to butcher the song with the country twist and is often out countried by the loud music. Definitely the nights WORST performance.

What kind of sick child is more familiar Stevie Wonder than the Beatles….David Archuleta that is why. He is lucky because he pulled the often sought after final spot for the night which means he will be fresh in the minds of those Hanna Montana loving twins. The bad news? It sounded like David forgot a couple of the words and the wonder kid actually looked nervous. And not just because his dad insists on wearing ball caps at all the tapings. This was definitely David’s weakest performance…which bodes well for the other Idols.

So with that the Idols gave what has to have been one of the BEST Idol nights ever. But someone has to go home.

If I were to guess the bottom three:
Syesha (just cause she went first)
Kristy Lee Clark
David Hernandez

With Kristy going home to her horses.

Check out my favorite performance of the night:

Mike Morrison