>On Friday two of the years biggest comedies are opening up against each other and I’m really curious to see which one will come up on top.

Both movies, The Love Guru and Get Smart, star pretty bankable comedy stars. But both Mike Myers and Steve Carrell have also had pretty awful box office showings for their last live actions comedies. Myer’s played The Cat in The Cat and The Hat (5 years ago!)and got destroyed by pretty much anyone that could form words with their mouths (and even some sign languagers out there). Steve Carrell hasn’t done a comedy since last year’s Evan Almighty which cost the movie studio a ton of cash that they didn’t make back.

Which means that it really is anyones game!

The Love Guru has been every where lately. Myers recently hosted the MTV movie awards and he also showed on the American Idol finale. Not to mention this past weekend’s SNL show that was dedicated to all things Myers. This is all on top of the barrage of movie trailers that we have been subjected during pretty much ever commercial break there is.

Get Smart has pretty much gone the opposite way of the saturation that is Guru. Carell has being doing the talk show rounds and just been himself, both charming and nice. The name Get Smart already has a huge built in audience…albeit with a little older crowd, which might wait until the weekdays to see the movie as to not put up with the annoying deluge of teenagers that flood the movie theaters on the weekend.

All the box office analysts think Carrell will have the edge over the weekend, but I don’t this might be the case. I think teenagers looking to start their summer dating rituals will propel The Love Guru to the top.

What do you think? Which comedy are you going to check out?

Mike Morrison