[image credit: BDFK Photography]

Do you remember the Banff Squirrel? He was the one that photobombed some tourists trying to take a timed photo in 2009. He had a bit of internet fame – a Wikipedia page, a Twitter account….hundreds of fake photos with his likeness. The little guy was basically a national hero.

Well, it looks like he has made another appearance. The owners of BDFK Photography based out of Edmonton were in Banff doing an engagement photo-shoot for clients Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner when they noticed squirrels running around picking up nuts left behind by hikers.

It’s probably because the original Banff Squirrel was such a rock star that they knew if they could get one of the little guys in front of the lens – magic would be made. So, they waited…placed the camera in the right place and…finally…they got one, stuffing its face.

So glad the Banff Squirrel is back at it! I know this is not as organic as the original (they never are), but
it’s still cute.

Welcome to stardom new* Banff Squirrel.

[*I’m going to just assume that the original Banff Squirrel is dead. I just Googled it and the lifespan is approximately 6-10 years…so chances are…this is his 5th cousin.]


Written by Jessica Fralick

Mike Morrison