It’s a good day to be a lady looking for love…or a lady looking for a lot of attention.

City announced today that the Canadian edition of The Bachelor has been renewed after a very successful first season, something that doesn’t always happen when we adapt shows from our neighbours to the south.

The first season, which saw football player Brad Smith falling for nurse Bianka Kamber, attracted pretty good numbers, which makes it an easy renewal decision for the network, which didn’t see the same results for the now canceled Canada’s Got Talent. The Bachelor Canada averaged about 727,000 overall viewers, with the finale attracting a total of 852,500 viewers. By comparison, CGT often settled below the 400,000 mark.

But fans of watching a lot of girls cry will have to be patient, thanks to a busy and successful schedule, City has no plans to bring back The Bachelor Canada until 2014. Now, before you get all huffy, I think this is a good move. Since the property is still hot, it’s good to be patient with it. When most networks have a successful reality show, they use it to fill up holes in the schedule, resulting in eroding ratings and viewer fatigue. By delaying the production, producers will have time to find an excellent bachelor and more importantly, intriguing bachelorettes. Here’s hoping they keep the host, Tyler Harcott, who was fantastic.

Plus 2013 already has two big Canadian reality shows debuting in the coming months. Big Brother Canada starts in February and The Amazing Race: Canada hits TVs this summer!

So what do you think, are you happy The Bachelor Canada is coming back? And more importantly, who do you think the next Bachelor should be?

Mike Morrison

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