>I have been auditioning for years. My first audition was when I was eight years old for Theatre New Brunswick. The director had noticed me in the audience from the previous production, and asked my parents if I could audition. I’m pretty sure my parents were thinking, “well this is a way to get one of them out of the house, why not get two.” So they made the director cast my sister, “cause I was too young”. Since that fateful day I have always enjoyed the audition process. I loved going when I was a kid, because my parents were never the type to come to the audition with me. They would drop me off and tell me to call them when I was done. I would go in and see parents fussing over their kids. Telling the casting assistant how great their kid is and how they would be perfect for the role. I would sit there and say things like “Yo, what’s up playa!” I had quite a bit of success acting when I was a kid and quickly developed a Macauly Culkin complex. I turned into this little shit, who refused to colour in the lines or play with others during recess. I was the shit. Then I turned 9.

Actually around the age of 14 the acting pool began to dry up like certain parts of aging porn stars and I was left to audition for roles along with 8 year olds. I figured this is how Macauly felt when Elijah came around. (ps. I totally should have been in the good son!)

It wasn’t until grade 12 that the acting bug hit me again (Pappy Yokum), and has infected me ever since. I don’t know what it is about it, well actually I do, its the constant attention and praise. Who would wanted that.

Last night I had an audition for a murder/thriller/suspense play called “Deathtrap” It’s weird auditioning in Calgary because I really don’t know anyone. I got so comfortable in Fredericton, because people knew what I could and couldn’t do. So if I didn’t get a part, I chalked it up to the role not being for me. (the sole exception I can think of is The Crucible. I would have loved to work with Ilkay one more time.) I’ve done two shows here so far. (The Peacock Season, Hillbilly Wedding) I got a part in a third show, but they basically wanted me to have sex on stage, and I was like “I don’t have sex in real life, what makes you think i’m going to do it on stage.” My luck people would be yelling out advice and tips from the audience. “You are doing it all wrong!” But I digress, everyone in the acting community knows everyone so I show up at the audition and people are like “Who is this kid? Does he know he looks like Moby?”

For this particular play there is only one part for someone of my age. There were five guys last night and about the same the night before. I think I might have a chance. The part is amazing because, I’m known for always getting the funny parts (besides Balthasar, although the fight scene was pretty funny!) So this character pretty much plays two different people. He goes through such a change that it would really give me a chance to explore parts I never have before. (kinda like prom night). In any case I should be finding out in the next couple of days. If I get it, it would be going up in Feb, if I don’t, there are tons of auditions going on in the city, so there will be someting else.

Mike Morrison