Bloggity Teachable Moment:

Have you noticed a slew of Facebook spam lately?  Whether it’s pictures of Osama’s dead body, a “hilarious” app that can show what you’ll look like as an older person, or a shocking thing a girl did in her dorm room, they all have something in common: YOU ARE CAUSING IT.

I was talking to some friends about it today and I was shocked to hear and then realize that many of them couldn’t tell when something was Spam on Facebook or not.  Here’s the rule I use:  If the President of the United States of America declares that photos will not be released, please don’t assume Mark Zuckerberg has them and is posting them whilst playing Farmville.  Like “The Perfect Date” or “Sarah Palin moving back to Alaska” if it’s too good to be true, it is.   We’ll discuss the fact that you want to see a corpse, that has been twice shot through the head, another time.

But for now, can we all make a promise?  No more clicking on weird links on facebook.  Even better, if you suspect something is spam, go ahead in flag it.  Simply waive your cursor over it and the spam X will come up. It’s that easy.

There.  Now I feel like I’ve actually put my B.Ed to good use.  Thanks everyone.

Mike Morrison