>I received an email last night from Entertainment Weekly. When I first saw it, I presumed it was about a late payment for my subscription. Or a request to stop my harrassing…(long story..jk) But no, it was a nice man who read my confession on EW.com about being a Star Wars virgin. Tonight on Cinemax they will be showing all six episodes of Star Wars in a row! My assignment? To watch all six episodes throughout the night and then write an essay on the whole experience. I barely could even sleep last night! This is exciting and will be really alot of fun. So preparation for my Star Wars night, I was thinking about what I HONESTLY know about Star Wars.

1.The little green man is Yoda.
2.There are Ewoks. Do they live in trees?
3.There is a big blog monster thing, that reminds of the big blog monster on Buffy. Is star wars like Buffy? Oh, NOW I’m excited!
4.I think I’m supposed to already hate Jar Jar Binks
5.Someone gets there something cut off. (Darth Vader?)

Scanning, Scanning, Scanning.

Nope, thats all I got. It’s alright though, these movies are comedies, right? That won’t be so bad.

Note: Also on my virginity list? James Bond. Who is up for a 22 movie marathon? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Mike Morrison