>Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the final American Idol performance episode for 2007. It seems like so long ago that this season started, mostly cause it was. It was 5 and half months ago! Doesn’t that seem crazy.? Just think in January we had no idea who Sunjaya Malakar was. Paula was still trying to convince us she was not a drunk and we wondered who would be crowned the 6th American Idol.

Well finally we are here. We have Jordan and Blake.

When Blake first came to our Tvs, I remember thinking how much he looked like Travis from “So you think you can dance”. I looked back and I don’t remember commenting on Jordin. The first time I remarked on Jordin was the first girl’s night of the top 32. I said that she was one to watch, and look at where she is!

It’s pretty obvious that Jordin is going to win the whole thing, but we still gotta go through the motions.

Blake Lewis

“You Give Love a Bad Name
I honestly can’t believe that Blake is in the finale. It reminds of that survivor when there was 6 girls and Chris. Chris some how convinced the girls to vote against eachother and he eventually won the whole thing. I can’t believe that Blake out lasted Stephanie, Lakisha and especially Melinda!

I think he was smart to do this song first. It is definitely his most memorable but he needs to wow the American voting public and hopefully he can do that with 2 fresh offerings.

“She Will be Loved”
Is anyone else getting sick of Maroon 5? They are all over American Idol like I’m over the old McDonald’s pizzas. Blake sung them last week and then they performed at the results show and now Blake sings them again?!? I actually liked this version of the song, but agree with Simon. He needs to sing songs that are going to inspire votes and that song was not it.

“This is my now”
Do you think Blake vomited a little bit when he heard the name of this song? Cause God knows I did. Not only did I vomit, but then I heard the lyrics and sung them to my roommate and she to vomited.

I feel bad for Blake this is complete sabotage. The title, the lyrics, the back up singers. Bad form producers, bad form.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin is much smarter than most 17 year old. (In case you forgot the million times it was mentioned, yes she is only 17!) Her first smart decision was to let Blake sing first. Which means that she will be the last to sing before the phones open. This is always the best place to be, because you got momentum.

Speaking of momentum, Jordin kicked this song’s ass. Jordin needs to convince people that she isn’t just a kid, and this was an excellent choice. Do you think Jordin and X-tina will ever do a duet? One bald guy can dream can’t he?

“With a broken wing”
Jordin chose smart again by singing her best song of the season. This is the first time in American Idol history that we don’t have a finalist from the south. Jordin’s move was genius! How do you win the red states? By singing their theme song. Game. Set……….

“This is my now”
Match. By default. The second some choose this song and made Blake sing it they gave Jordin the crown. Well unless Blake gets pity votes? But I don’t know how much of an effect those votes have during the finals. Obviously Jordin did I good job of it, how can she not? Jordin even brought out the tears? Are you kidding me? You are a genius Jordin Sparks.

On a side note, did you see Melinda giving Jordin the death stare? I had to rewind it a couple of times, but yeah, if Jordina dies tonight, it’s Melinda fault.

So with that the finals are done. Ryan reminds us that we can buy the new American Idol single on Itunes. If you actually buy this song, please write me immeadiatly and tell me why you would wasted 99 cents. I would rather swallow 99 pennies than ever listen to that song again.

The crown is Jordin’s. Congrats!!!!

After the singing was done there was a little surprise. DAUGHTRY!!!! Woohoo! Watching him and his mascara made me think about someone….oh i don’t know…last years American Idol? Where the heck was Taylor Hicks this year? And for that matter Katherine McPhee? How come they didn’t get a chance to perform? Mmmmm mysterious…….

Mike Morrison