The Amazing Race: Canadian Edition is finally coming!

…is a headline that I would love to have written many times. Yet for some reason Canada’s major networks still seem to be leaving us Canadians out on the lurch.

Instead we canucks get subjected to Deal or No Deal Canada, Are You Smarter Than A Canadian 5th Grader, Project Runway: Canada and let’s not forget the grand daddy of them all Who Wants to be a Canadian Millionaire?

In case you live under a rock or in Oyen, here is a quick recap of what Canadians are really missing out on. The Amazing Race premiered in 2001 and since than it has won all 5 “Outstanding Reality Competition Program” Emmys that have ever been given. The shows basic premise is simple. Teams in pairs of two race around the world. Along the way they must complete tasks that are designed to test them (see: make them fight). Each episode has a pit stop and whatever teams arrives at the pit stop last is eliminated until the final leg when the winning team crosses the finish line and wins a cool million dollars.

Ever since this show debuted, the topic of who would be your “perfect amazing race partner” has taken places at local pubs and watercoolers all over this great nation. The show has consistently been in the Top 10 highest rated shows in Canada for nearly all of it’s high octane editions. CBC even produced a spin off of sorts called No Opportunity Wasted, which was created by The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan.

So the question we must ask is why are Canadians still being left behind? After all The Amazing Race producers obviously liked Canada enough to visit our great country on two separate seasons. They even made an appearance on the hills of our C.O.P. If it’s a matter of time constraints on the TV networks schedules. I’m pretty sure if it came down to it, Canadians would be OK with a sacrifice or nine. May I suggest Robson Arms. Perhaps networks are not able to get Phil to host, that’s ok, I’m pretty sure Canadians would also be cool with a substitute. Dini Petty anyone? (Note: Not Ben “yes I’m still awkward on television after 5 years” Mulroney)

And if anyone from a big Canadian network happens to read this please note that I would be an ideal candidate for the race. I have a childhood friend, I’m looking to learn more about my mom, I’m ready to test a relationship, oh and when I’m really stressed I call everyone “babe”.

So CTV, Global and CBC stop denying Canadians what other countries all over the world have gotten to experience. We deserve our own edition of the Canadian edition of the Amazing Race.

Please babe.

Mike Morrison