>You know 80’s night on American Idol is going to be good when the back up singers are wearing their best 80’s garb.

So let’s get it started:

Luke Menard is still in the competition. Yeah…weird right. I also thought that his most embarrasing moment about wearing a tutu is probably Danny Noriega’s favorite moment. Maybe that is why poor Danny had his arms crossed for most of the show. But back to Luke. I guess the worst thing he could do is sing a Wham song. Oh wait…scratch that. This is probably the worst he has ever sounded. I think the only thing that could save him now is if Perez breaks somesort of story in the next hour.

The star of season 7 is up next. David Archuleta has a lot to live up….mostly due to the way the media can over hype a performance. And tonight we learn that this 12 year old can play the piano too! I think as the season goes on David might want to think about toning down how is pretty much great at everything. David played it safe tonight with Phil Collin’s “Another Day in Paradise” but still miles ahead of everyone else.

A lot of people don’t like Danny Noriega, but you know what? He is this season’s biggest Diva and at least he knows it. Every week he seems to play it up more and more and at least it’s different than what we see from the others right? I really liked how much he was having with “Tainted Love”, he even seem surprised by how he rocked it. And his reaction to Simon’s insults? Awesome. After Simon said that he hated everything about it, all Danny could do is laugh.

David Hernandez says that a booger in is nose is the most embarrasing thing ever? Really? More embarrassing than being a male stripper for men? Ahh well, to each their own I guess. You know what wasn’t embarrassing his version of “All coming back to me now.” I honestly forget every week what a good singer he is. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I hope he doesn’t fall through the cracks this week….sorry bad pun. (go ahead think about it…you’ll get it.)

I feel sad that Michael Johns embarrassing moment about getting beat up once was something that happened to me everyday in High School. I didn’t realize that this was embarrassing. I guess that would explain a lot of things though……
a-n-y-w-a-y…..Michael was his usual great self. I guess he is in the David A. category in the sense that I hope we don’t get bored with perfection.

I know I make fun of Bedhead (David Cook) a lot but I LOVED his version of Lionel Richie’s Hello. I didn’t even recognize the song. I think it might even be enough to get him through. Which means who isn’t going to get through now because he was on my list to go home.

Jason Castro is getting better and better with the TV interviews and his story about his hair falling out is yet another thing that happens to me everyday. This episode is really making me looking myself in a different light. Sigh. And with his version of Hallelujah was AMAZING! that is almost itunes download quality.

Chikezie is up last and tells an embarrasing story about walking into a girls washroom. Seriously…is someone pulling my leg? This whole episode is my life! Double. Chikezie is singing for his life tonight. He needed to do something fun, something that would show his personality, something memorable. He didn’t do any of those. Sorry Chi, even though Simon kinda liked it, your version of “She fills me up” was also your plane ticket home.

So that’s it. We are done with the semi-finals for the guys. Those went fast didn’t they?!
Going home on Thursday?
The bookends of tonight’s show: Luke Menard and Chikezie.

Which means that our Top 12 will have three Davids. Can you name them without scrolling up? I didn’t think so.

Mike Morrison