>Why this weekend was….

….funny: Because I dropped my wallet into the toilet. Luckily it was only pee, but still I still had to wash everything individually under hot water. Really, it’s my fault, but I’ll blame the detox

….encouraging: The murder mystery went really well! It was a lot of fun and a couple of the tables thought I was the murderer which is great because that means you were able to convince them of something that couldn’t haven’t been further from the truth. Oh Warren P. Yurpance (say it aloud), I’m going to miss you.

…”really did that happen?”: Today while I was in WalMart (yes my Sunday was that boring) some guy came on the intercom over the entire store and preceeded to sound like he was receving….um…how I do say this. It sounded like he was receiving a “Monica Lewinksy.” NO JOKE. It went on for about three minutes. At first I thought it was the TVs, but I was standing beside them and they were showing TMNT. It was honestly so graphic I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, I don’t know why no one around me was freaking out, but I know it actually happened because right after the guy…finished, the manager came on over the intercom and scolded the now “happy” employee. It is a moment I’ll never forget.

…healthy: FINALLY, this detox isn’t making me feel sick. It’s about time. Today, I got a great deal on the food processor The Magic Bullet and let me tell how you how great it is. I’ve already gotten to make some real homemade apple sauce (since I can’t have the store kind) and I made some whipped garlic potatoes, yummy. Now I can have some healthy smoothies in the morning.

addictive: My name is Michael Morrison and I am addicted to Friday Night Lights. Honestly the second friday’s episode ended I couldn’t believe I had to wait another 7 sleeps for a new episode. This is without a doubt my favorite show this fall. Is it Friday yet?

Mike Morrison