>We have finally reached the Top 1o of American Idol. And to celebrate American Idol is making us feel old. Really old. Tonight the contestants will be singing songs from the year they were born. Sad fact: I am only older than one American Idol finalist. Sigh.

Also, my condolences to Paula’s hands. Apparently they were ravaged by something that only spared her fingers.

But on to the show.

Ramiele Malubay (1987) got the dreaded 1st position of the night. Strike two against Ramiele is that she chose Heart’s Alone. Which has to be one of American Idols most sung songs (Didn’t Carly already sing it this season). And really after this, is there even a point? Strike 3? It wasn’t even that good. I think she might have just struck out.

Jason Castro (1987): I’ll give $20 to whomever can convince me that Jason wasn’t high tonight. Afterall it was his birthday. He did Ok but nothing amazing. I didn’t even recognize the song until the halfway point. Which probably isn’t a good sign.

Syesha Mercado (1987) Continues her climb out of the basement with her version of “If I was your woman”. While I don’t think her voice is anything unique it certainly is amazing to listen to. So she definitely deserves to stick around.

Chikezie (1985)has split personality. When he sings up-tempo high energy songs he is on and he is one of the best entertainers this season. When he sings random ballads that no one has heard of in years he is boring and undramtic. Tonight he sung a ballad called “If only for one night”. At the very least you have to sing a song that the general public would be able to remember. Chikezie is definitely in trouble this week.

Brooke White (1983) went back to her comfort zone right and went back to the piano with “Every breath you take”. She even got a false started and re-started which just shows what a true professional she is. I do agree with the judges that the first half of the song was a lot better before the band joined in. I just have to wonder how much of that decision is hers and how much is up to producers.

Michael Johns (1978) just saved his little australian ass with an amazing kick ass version of “We Are the Champions”. That was pretty freaking amazing and like Simon said: “He just got it right.”

Carly Smithson (1983) is obviously nervous after last weeks Bottom 3 scare. Am I the only one still trying to figure out how that happened. Her song was the 80’s classic “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” and I really liked it but I can’t help but feel a little nervous because of last week.

David Archuleta continues to coast through. I hope it won’t be until American realizes just how while this boy can sing, he is just that a boy. Not a pop star.

Kristi Lee Cook (1984) Just pick a freaking good song! It’s like she wants to be eliminated!!! Although on second thought, a song about being American will greatly appeal to those Red States that often hold a lot of voting power. Just ask for Ruben, Fantasia, Kelly and Carrie.

David Cook pretty much won the entire show with the coolest version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean I have ever heard. Take your crown now. David Archuleta who?

I think the bottom three tonight will be:
-Kristi Lee Cook
-Ramiele Maluby

With Ramiele saying goodbye. But don’t be too sad Ramiele, just watch David Cook’s performance tonight. It should make you feel better!

Mike Morrison