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It’s almost time to start holiday shopping, but first, how about de-cluttering your house. Why not go into
2015 with a clean slate and more room for all your much deserved Christmas gifts?

Here are a few things that you should think of getting rid of before the holidays:


Are you having family come visit for Christmas? Is that mattress in the guest room looking a little…well used? Maybe it is time to get a new one. A mattress will only last between 5 to 10 years, and that depends on the mattress. If your guests aren’t getting a good sleep, then you know it’s probably time to switch it out.


Did you know that you are supposed to replace your pillows every two years? I didn’t, so I have no idea how many dust mites my sensitive face has been sleeping on! Pillows can be a breeding ground for bacteria and allergy triggering dust mites. If you use a protector on your pillow you should only need to change it every three years or so. That being said – I think we all have a few pillows we can chuck.

Expired Medicine

I don’t know about you, but I am an expiry date king when it comes to the kitchen. Milk is one day over due? It’s going down the drain. I don’t care if it hasn’t even been opened yet. It’s easy to think about those things because you eat every day, but getting hurt or sick are not as common. It is very normal for people to keep pills, ointments, creams and other medicines around way past their expiry. Take a look through your medicine cupboard and toss the expired stuff and grab some new bottles. Non-expired Advil works better – trust me.


I know you may think its cool that you still have a fridge from 1976 in your basement, but it’s probably not fully functional and uses more energy than necessary. The general life spans of regular appliances are as follows: dishwashers (9 years), microwaves (9 years), dryers (13 years) and fridges (13 years).

Broken Technology Products

I have an ‘old technology box’ which includes my very first iPod that I dropped in a bowl of cereal and then turned on immediately afterwards. I have always hoped that one day they would figure out how to reverse the effects of milk damage…and stupidity. No such luck. No use hanging on to these old products.

The Seasonal Clothes You Never Wear

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Do you have a box of summer clothes that you take out in the warm months and a box for winter? Do you sometimes forget that those boxes exist and go through a whole season without opening them? Guilty. Plus, these Hawaiian shirts really aren’t in style anymore.

The [blank] Your Ex Bought You

What better time to get rid of old keepsakes from ex’s than right before the new year! Let’s go into 2015 without that weird photo of your ex’s ferrets on your mantel. I mean really, a farret?

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I know what you’re thinking, “Mike, how the heck am I supposed to get rid of all of this stuff? My garbage bin will only fit my expired meds and my Smart Car will be at max capacity after I load in all of my Big Shiny Tunes and Now! tapes.” First – you should keep one of those Now! tapes (preferably Now! 3, it’s the most classic) and second – don’t worry about it. There’s people for that.

The guys over at Just Junk removal are pros at getting rid of those larger items you don’t want to deal with. They will even take you 10 boxes of tapes if you feel like giving your Smart Car a little breather.

It’s easy head on over to their website, enter your postal code and you’re on your way to a cleaning home!

So let’s all de-clutter this year. I’ll get rid of my milk ruined first generation iPod and you get rid of all the other stuff. Deal? DEAL!

Mike Morrison