So one of the people tonight I might tonight at the Music Lives Here Juno Kick Off in Olympic Plaza was one of the members of a great band called God Made Me Funky (official webpage). Her name was Lindsay and meeting her made her the first Juno nominee I have ever met! That’s right her band is nominated for their first Juno, R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for We Can All Be Free.

It was really cool meeting her because I had just discovered them on Myspace the day before and I can officially tell you that they certainly funked up my office. I’m not afraid to admit that I even had a little office dance party. I’m not lying…listen for yourself!

Another cool thing about the Junos? There are enough Doritos to end famine.

Good luck God Made Me Funky…or would it be God Made You Funky…you know what I mean.

Mike Morrison