It was just announced that the suits at FOX are turning the website Texts From Last Night into a tv-show! If you haven’t been to this site yet, it’s wickedly funny, but I don’t if it will translate well to TV. Mostly because it’s laced with NSFW commentary. I can see them turning it into a “He’s Just Not That Into You-type show and that isn’t a good thing.

I’m guessing this is how the deal went down:

(323) I just killed a hooker and now I need to bury the body and get home to my wife and kids. SOS?
(323) Dude, that’s hilarious. You just cured my writers block. Drinks later?
Oh and if anyone feels like optioning Mike’s Bloggity Blog into a tv-show, you just let me know. I’m always available. ALWAYS.

Mike Morrison