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It’s no secret that winter is one of my favourite seasons. No, not because I love the cold, quite the opposite, actually. It’s because there’s nothing I love more than sitting inside my home on a winter’s day and watching Netflix. And if you’ve been paying attention to the weather lately, there’s been lots of opportunity to avoid the cold and warm up with great TV instead!

If you’re already a Shaw BlueSky TV customer, you’ve no doubt noticed how much easier it is to binge your favourite Netflix show now that the two systems are integrated. You can now simply say “Watch Stranger Things” and within a matter of seconds, you’re enjoying Wynona Ryder’s delightfully quirky role in the show about another dimension and the kids who are fighting against the government and monsters.

If you’re not a BlueSkyTV customer, I’ve been using it for almost a year now, and honestly, one of my favourite things about it is that it makes watching TV even more fun than it already is. Talking to the BlueSky TV device makes finding your favourite shows easier than ever too, so as the snow starts falling and the temperature continues to drop, you’ll be worry-free as you settle in for a winter TV hibernation.   And if you switch right now to BlueSky TV, Shaw will give you six months of free Netflix, so here are some shows that are definitely worth staying in for.

Black Mirror

It’s the show everyone is talking about, and with good reason. There’s quite simply nothing like it on TV. Inspired by the story-telling of The Twilight Zone, each episode is like a mini-movie about the pros and cons of welcoming more and more technology into our lives. My tip? Don’t read what the episodes are about. Half the fun is figuring out the twist.


The End of The F****** World

Speaking of Black Mirror, Alex Lawther stars in one of the show’s most jarring episodes and now he stars in The End of The F****** World, which based on the trailer sorta looks like Dexter: The Teen Years, which I’m sorta okay with. One of my favourite things about Netflix is how often it introduces us to great British shows and this one is definitely no exception!


Schitt’s Creek

Probably the most unique Canadian comedy to hit the airwaves in a while (although Kim’s Convenience and Baroness von Sketch Show are pretty great too). The third season of Schitt’s Creek, I think, is its best. The cast brings its A+ comedy game and the laughs come from some strange and unexpected places, exactly what Schitt’s Creek excels at.



This Netflix original series isn’t based on the sun setting at 5pm during the Canadian winter, instead it’s about the disappearance of two kids in a small German town. I haven’t seen this show yet, but based on the spooky trailer, I’ll probably start as soon as I’m done this blog post.


Grace and Frankie

If you’re looking for something lighter, the new season of Frankie and Grace premiers in just a few weeks, so now is the perfect time to start this late-in-life comedy that happens to be my mom’s favourite show. Seriously, she’s not much of a TV person and she texts me every week asking when this show is coming back. Well mom, it’s almost time!

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman

In this world that just seems to be getting crazier and crazier, a voice that has been sorely missed has definitely been David Letterman’s. But we’re in luck, Netflix is bringing him back for a new kind of talk show that looks to focus more on great interviews instead of the game shows that most late-night talk shows have turned into. The list of his first guests are as impressive as they come, including former President Barack Obama, who’ll give Dave his first interview since leaving the White House. Talk about must-see TV!


Before I Wake

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a really good scary movie and young Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay looks to be starring in a creeping one about a young boy whose dreams come true…for better or worse! I think we’ve all been a fan of Tremblay ever since Room and I’m always impressed with all the movies he seems to be starring in these days. Definitely doing Canada proud!


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I have been waiting for this show to make its way to Netflix for a long time. Before now, it’s been sorta tricky to track this show down, but now all nine seasons of this Jerry Seinfeld-led show are available to stream. The show combines Jerry’s three favourite things: coffee, cars and comedians. The result is a hilariously honest show about some of the funniest people in the world. I have a feeling you’ll pour through all nine seasons before you know it!

Somebody Feed Phil

I’ve never been one to obsess too much over food, mostly because I love all food. You could serve me a $5 burger or a $300 steak and I’ll think they are both as delicious as the other. But this food-inspired show starring the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal, looks like my kind of show. A funny series about amazing food, but mostly about a fish-out-of-water learning about the culture behind some of his favourite dishes. I’m going to devour this one.


The Polka King

In 2018, Netflix will be producing more original movies than ever before and The Polka King is just one of many that we should come to expect over the next little while. The film stars Jack Black, who after watching Jumanji 2 is back in my good graces, as well as Jenny Slate, who literally can do no wrong! This is a true story of the greatest scandal in polka history. What could be funnier?

Mike Morrison