Ugh.  Mondays.  Can you imagine anything worse, especially in the Summer?  Chances are you spent the last few days relaxing, catching up with your family and generally, just having a good time.  Now you are at work and you can’t possibly imagine it getting any worse.  Come on, you know what I mean!

Well I got news for you, things are about to get better…a LOT better! Because I got some free music for you and not just free music, really, really great free music, that is guaranteed to make your day better.  Please note, the guarantee isn’t official, but I will find it disappointing if you don’t enjoy it!

The free music is complimenta of Outside Music who are celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary.  Could you imagine launching a music label ten “napster” years ago? Well done my friends, well done indeed!

To celebrate, the music label has released a special Best Of compilation that can either be stream or downloaded from their site.   The play-list includes some of my favourites including Matthew Barber, Sun Parlour Players, The Sadies, Sloan and Jill Barber!

If you haven’t heard of some of these artists, that’s great!  That’s why I’m telling you about them. In my opinion, they are producing some of the best music this country has ever heard!

Click here to start playing and downloading the songs.  You can thank me later…or with McLobsters.

Mike Morrison


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