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Recently, I was visiting some friends in Nova Scotia and their newborn baby. Now, when you walk into a house with a new baby, there’s lots to look at, most of which is the cutest sweetest baby you’ll ever see in your life.

But what also stuck out was a giant box in the corner of their living room.

Since I’m a member of TeamTelus, I spotted the TELUS logo right away and asked about it.  My friends told me that it’s called simply The Baby Box and it’s a partnership with the TELUS Health App, to help new parents.

Now, I’m no new parent, but lots of my friends are, so I wanted to tell you folks all about it, because I just think it’s so cool.

The Baby Box program is apparently inspired by a Finnish tradition and it equips parents with education and a Baby Box to encourage safe sleep practices.  I’ve babysat enough to know that it’s sorta terrifying when kids are sleeping.  Who hasn’t checked in on a sleeping baby 58 to 79 times a night?

So these boxes aim to help parents (and worried friends like me) the information and help learn about keeping the baby safe as they sleep. Once you register, you’ll have access to courses to learn about sleep safety.  Then, when you’re done the online course, you’ll be able to get your free Baby Box.   The free box comes complete with a mattress to serve as a Health Canada-certified bassinet for baby’s first months.

A program like this is fantastic for any family and I got so excited when I heard all about it. The boxes are also free of glue and staples, so you can be sure that your baby is extra safe.

The Baby Box Co. is actively growing their distribution across Canada, so please visit to learn if there is a distribution point near you.

And if you are a new parent, be sure to check out the new TELUS Baby Health App. It’s free and it makes it easy to help keep track and store your baby’s health history in one place so you can access it anytime, like at a doctor’s visit. Use the app to track important medical information such as growth, immunization, and milestones, and to hear helpful tips from weekly articles. You can download it from either the Apple App Store and or the Google Play store.

I’ve only just recently started learning about all the great things that are featured on TELUS Health, even for we folks who don’t have kids. Like did you know that TELUS has a whole Healthy Living Network?  I’ll be sure to see what else there is and report back!


Mike Morrison