I don’t usually turn to Live with Regis and Kelly to get my cry-on but Tuesday’s episode might be the exception.  All week long, the daytime talker will be featuring their viewers greatest love stories and on Tuesday, the show draw their attention to a Toronto couple who will be celebrating 61 years of marriage next month! But  wait until you hear their story though, it’s amazing.

The story of Nancy and Howard Kleinberg  dates back to the Second World War.  After being liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945, 16-year-old Nechama Baum spotted Howard Kleinberg lying among corpses in a nearby field.  She saw a flicker of life in him and insisted on bringing him back to an empty barrack and tried to bring him back to life. By the time he regained some strength and full consciousness three weeks later, he woke to find Nechama and her friends gone. Crawling out to a nearby road, he was picked up by a British military vehicle and hospitalized. Upon his release he searched for Nechama to thank her for what she had done, but she was gone.

Two years later Howard had made his way to Toronto to live with relatives when word spread through out the close-knit community that there was a new arrival – a young woman named Nechama (now Nancy) Baum.  Somehow their paths had crossed again, and now the couple 61 year old love will be celebrated on national television.

I might have to buy an extra box of tissues. Amazing.

Regis and Kelly airs today on CTV!

Mike Morrison