>Monday morning AM 770 will be announcing the results of their contest Talk Show Idol 2. The results will be announced sometime between 7am-8am calgary time (listen live). They will be calling the winner minutes before the announcement to put them on the air, so if my phone doesn’t ring I’m out.

Seems sorta cruel but that’s showbiz kid.

It’s 11:48pm on Sunday night and I can’t and don’t want to fall asleep. I think it’s because right now I’m sorta living in the idea that I could be the Talk Show Idol and when I wake up tomorrow, I will know if I am or not. Sometimes not knowing is better, especially when the prize is so amazing and potentially a game changer for me.

Either way this has been such a great experience for me. The last two years have taken me on a path that I never even thought possible. I’ve tried so many different things and have been fortunate enough to keep having the opportunity to experience so many cool things. But of course it’s not just me doing it. All of my friends, family and blog readers have been so supportive that I know I wouldn’t even apply for these things if I didn’t think I had the support.

If I don’t win, I can’t say I won’t be disappointed. I’ll probably have a quick little cry, reach for my Veronica Mars DVDs and take a mini-moment. But then, I’ll pick myself off the floor (probably literally) and head to work and wait for the next opportunity.

If I win? Well……I think I’ll keep that to myself. Just for now.

Fingers crossed.

funny story: In Firefox, when you type in AM 770, the google dash bar always suggests “am I pregnant?” If that is a sign, well if that is a sign I don’t get it.

Mike Morrison