So as many of you know the final round of Talk Show Idol 2 took place last night, I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists along with three other competitors.

Overall, I think it went okay, I’ve tried to explain to people how nervous the whole thing has made me over the past month, because I usually don’t get nervous, especially when it comes to radio/tv stuff. I get excited not usually nervous.
But this contest/opportunity made me extremely nervous. The second my time was done I went to the station’s green room and lied out on the couch and let out the biggest sigh of relieve I think I have ever let out before.
I think my final round went well. Not amazing but not awful. I definitely wasn’t a Sanjaya. I’ll be honest I was a little thrown off at the beginning when the station manager told the four finalists had all handily won their semi-final rounds except for me, saying that I was just barely ahead of my second place competitor. I thought this was such a stressful thing to hear right before going on air for 15 minutes. But I brushed it off and as soon as the clock started clicking, the time just flew by.
I got a lot of great callers and I think we started some really great conversations about the issues facing downtown Calgary. The whole process of taking calls is actually pretty cool because there is a producer that answers the phones and puts the callers on hold for you then. Then you can see there names on another screen and how long they’ve been waiting. I think I got to about 6 callers but my time ended faster then I thought it was going to and I still had about 7 callers that I didn’t get to.
But like I said, I’m glad it’s done for now. I’m proud of my two pieces I did, especially for someone like me that has absolutely no formal training and have just been learning as I go.
Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive, I honestly couldn’t have done it without all the great messages and phone calls I got.
Here is the link to go vote. I’m not sure if they have the audio and video up yet, but the voting closes next Saturday-ish so make sure you please do go vote!
Oh and I cracked on my no spending money week. I decided to celebrate either way tonight by having a Big Mac meal. Sure that means that I won’t be able to go to the bathroom for the next 3 days, but hot damn it was good.

Mike Morrison