Just wanted to give myself a little shoutout and remind everyone that this weekend is the last time to vote my round of Talk Show Idol 2.  The results will be announced Monday.  And hopefully, if I win, I’ll be in the finals that will be airing on October  20th.

I just wanted to say once again how much fun this whole thing has been. I also want to say how thankful I am to have such supportive friends who put up with all my harassing emails and Facebook groups!   single tear.
So if you haven’t done it, here is the link to vote.  Don’t forget that every week they do a draw for $200 for those who have voted.  So even if you don’t like me that much, don’t short change yourself…..haha.  See what I did there?
Here is the video of my first 60 seconds again.  Thanks again everyone!

Mike Morrison