>So the big day is finally here. Tonight, I will be participating in the second Semi-final round of AM 770’s Talk Show Idol and, while I don’t to it too often, I am FREAKING nervous. Like really really nervous. I guess it’s a good thing to be nervous, it means that you really want to do a great job, which I obviously do.

But it’s sort of annoying cause there is so much a want to talk about and but my brain just can’t focus on another thing besides what I am working on for the competition tonight.

But, if I wasn’t in a nervous state of cold sweats I would want to talk about the following things:
-Now that 30 Rock has won Best Comedy, Best writing, Best Actress and Best Actor will you now PLEASE watch it when it returns in October?
-The real TV season finally starts tonight. Shows returning include a 2 hours Heroes episode and the fourth season premiere of How I Met Your Mother!
-I just discovered Death Cab For Cutie and am much better for it.
-I was at a conference this weekend and as a challenge to myself I ended up putting my hand on a loaded mousetrap. It was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. It only got more exciting when the next exercise was to close your eyes and trust your friend to tell you how to put your hand down. I don’t think I am really explaining it well, but it was awesome!
-SNL was pretty awful this weekend but Anna Faris is hosting it next weekend and I am already anticipating a great show!
-I packed up my life and moved to Alberta from New Brunswick three years ago on Sunday. Wow, I’ll have to think about that.

Okay, I have to get back to getting ready for tonight.
Don’t forget that no matter where you are you can listen live online! The competition starts at 6pm in Calgary (5pm in Vancouver, 8pm in Toronto, 9pm in the Maritimes).

Wish me luck!

Mike Morrison