>Okay, so it’s been a couple of days since I talked about my Talk Show Idol 2 experience that took place this Monday. I think that is because I was still digesting the whole experience.

There were four contestants on Monday and I was the third to go. I think it went pretty well, I don’t know if you listened but I was freaking nervous. I think this is because usually the stuff I do is always with other people, so it usually just involves the fine skill of banter. But hosting my own Talk Radio show is something that is completely foreign to me.

As we were coming back from the commercial break and getting ready to start my ten minutes, I honestly freaked out a little bit and for a split second I thought this was sorta what American Idol is like. Only in my case there were only a couple hundred or thousand listening and not 38 million people!

But like I said, I had so so so much fun. I got a really good reception from the judges and I had four people call in in total, so I think it was a success!

Voting opened on Monday and I think it goes to sometime this weekend. But if you want to vote, do it now so as to not miss out on your chance to win the $200 weekly draw you get entered in just for voting!

Below you can see a video clip they filmed of me doing my segment on the show. You can listen to the entire thing on their website. You just have to register first and then go to the vote tab and you will see a “play” button right next to my beautiful mug.

Thank you again everyone for all your support. I had a blast and I hope I get to do it again real soon!

Mike Morrison