You know how a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that some times random stuff just happens to me.

This is one of those times:

Here is the latest Tropical Cyclone Bulletin issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.The Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 is in force.This means that winds with mean speeds of 41 to 62kilometres per hour are expected.At 10 p.m., Typhoon Neoguri was estimated to be about 440kilometres southwest of Hong Kong (near 19.3 degrees north111.4 degrees east) and is forecast to move north at about14 kilometres per hour crossing the seas east of HainanIsland towards western Guandong.

Ahhh shit.
Even funnier: Tomorrow morning we are getting on an hour ferry and heading to Macau. Also known as the centre of the storm. I’ve always wanted to be on the Perfect Storm.

Mike Morrison