>I live in Calgary. Calgary is a city that, for me, takes itself way to seriously. Today I’m taking time out my day to write about things that have struck me as funny in the last couple of days.

~Last night while working at the Sheraton, a customer accused me of calling him a jew when actually I said Rosemary Au-Jus. ( He was joking…I think.)

~My grandmother and I had a heated discussion about how much we both dislike Ben Mulroney, although my origins of hatred are most likely jealously, I fear hers may be political.(Among friends, Ben’s nikname is Mulroney Huggies. Don’t ask.)

~Aaron Carter is engaged! (What is wrong with the world!)….Oh wait, engagement called off, all is right in the world. Continue on World, crisis avoided. (Has anyone seen the video of the proposal on www.eonline.com . It’s more awkward than me at a gym.)

~My other grandmother told me there were lots of houses available in Fredericton now because everyone is moving into condoms. ( I presume she meant condos.)

~My friend Annie starts her run on the reality golf show The Big Break 6 tonight. I’m optimistic, but I don’t have a good track record of people i know on reality shows. (see= Chris Jericho, Celebrity Duets. Kelly Gleason, Survivor.) I also go on the life network’s website often to see if they are casting for any reality shows that I would be good at. Unfortunately, I’m neither fat or in debt.

I want to keep doing this more often, for if ever my life gets serious (or I do) I can look back and remember the funny things.

Mike Morrison