Usually on Monday mornings after I find out that a shitty movie is #1 at the box office I come on here and rant about how stupid people are for wasting their money on an even stupider movie.

But this Monday is different.
This monday, I’m not angry, I am confused.
The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock won the box office crown this weekend with a whopping $34.1 Million.  Which is great for both of their careers and even better for a romantic comedy. But it’s not surprise the movie did well.  There was  lots of buzz around it.  People seemed to be loving it.  All I heard was how funny it was.  And how it wasn’t just for girls that guys would like it too.  I even heard someone compare it to the amazing The Hangover!
So yes, I went and saw it.
Deep Calming Breath.
What the hell is everyone talking about!?!  This movie was honestly one of the most painful experiences of disappointment in my life.  And trust me as a bald, skinny guy who is 5’6 tall.  I’ve had a LOT of disappointment.
This movie followed all the same tricks that rom-coms always do.  There was nothing particularly funny about this movie, but the audience was laughing like it was the best episode of 30 Rock ever or something.  The only redeeming factor was the scenery of the beautiful Alaskan town where the story takes place (but was actually filmed in Rockport, MA).
Honestly, I left the movie feeling confused.  What did I miss?  Was it Reynold’s perfected blank stare?  Sandra Bullock playing to type better than anyone?  Even Betty White was disappointing.  And I feel like an awful person for even typing that.
So please tell me, did you see The Proposal? What am I missing?  Why did you love it? 

Mike Morrison