It’s probably been a while since you’ve heard the name Alexz Johnson.  The former star of CTV’s Instant Star found mild success as singer (How Strong Do You Think I Am is still in fairly regular rotation on my Ipod.)  Horror movie fans will remember Alexz as the girl done in by a nail gun in Final Destination 3.

Well today marks the release of Alexz’s new album Reloaded, and while I haven’t had a chance to give it a spin yet, I’m impressed with what I’ve heard from the singer so far.  Granted, the only song I’ve heard was filmed poolside, but seriously have a listen, this girl has some seriously talented chops.  Related, how weird is that expression.

I’m not really sure Look At Those Eyes was filmed poolside, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the acoustics, which sound really good.  For an extra laugh, listen to how she says “four” at the beginning.  Makes me laugh every time.

Based on this song alone, I think I’m going to check out Reloaded.  I always feel like I have to give CTV built artists a second chance, after all, it’s not their fault.  Yeah, I’m talking to you every single Canadian Idol contestant ever.

Thanks to Bloggity reader Tripti for the musical tip!


Mike Morrison