When this link first showed up in my inbox, I didn’t really get it.  65 songs from Canadian artists for free?  It sounded like a shady revolution of Columbia House and I was sure it was spam.  I looked at it again a few hours later and as it turns out, yes, it is indeed 65 songs from artists like: Chromeo, Hollerado, The Sheepdogs, Hey Rosetta!, Said The Whale, Mother Mother, PS I Love You and more.

It officially became one of the coolest emails that I’ve ever gotten!

All of these artists were featured at the just-wrapped SWSW music festival, so if you are like me and you are dying of jealously of all the people who actually got to go, just download the sampler and act like you were there.  A few photoshopped concert photos, some mud on your jeans, a new Apple product and no one will be the wiser!

Click here to download the link! Happy listening!

Mike Morrison


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