Get your tiny-bowls with lemon wedges ready, this is one tasty morsel of information!

Starting next Monday (Feb. 28),   Channel 208 on Rogers Cable will be dedicated to one thing that I simply cannot resist:  rotisserie chicken.

Swiss Chalet (which has always paled in comparison to St. Hubert) will be the star of it’s own channel! (Insert Oprah comment here!)  I’ll let you take a moment to read that again.  All chicken, all the time.  Stategy Online notes that, “Like the classic burning Yule log before it, the Rotisserie Channel will feature a roasting chicken 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the next three months.”

The idea behind the station is essentially a 90-day long commercial.  Every now and then discount codes will pop-up and direct droolers viewers to Swiss Chalet’s Facebook page.

I’m not going to lie, I LOVE this idea!  If there is one thing that I swoon over, but will never allow myself to have regularly, it’s rotisserie chicken.  I’ve already decided that I will tape as much as I can off of the channel and whenever I hate my supper, I’ll watch and pretend I’m enjoying slow-roasted, juicy chicken instead.

All I know is that if KFC comes out with a coleslaw channel, I’m screwed. (Thanks to mike mc for the tip!)

Mike Morrison


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