Looking for a fun way to pass away the most boring of Mondays? I may have the answer. Since being introduced to an online game called Sushi Cat, I have become horribly addicted. I’ve watched hours, days and weeks pass by. I haven’t returned a call since I first heard the infectious music. Most nights, I lay awake thinking about the bouncy cat that loves sushi more than the mayor of Hong Kong.

There isn’t much to the game. Basically, it is like PLINKO but with a squishy cat who loves sushi. But trust me, you’ll become addicted. I’m not too sure why something so simple can be so fun and so addictive, but I’m not going to question it. I freaking love Sushi Cat. Give a shot, I guarantee that before you know it, you’ll be screaming ‘Fully Belly Achieved!’
You’ve been warned.

Mike Morrison