>I’ve been talking all season about how amazing Survivor: Gabon has been. There have been so many twists, turns, back stabs, fake idol, real idols and enough drama to make LC and Heidi explode with envy. The entire season seems to have been about good vs. evil and now it all boils down to this Sunday’s finale, and with Crsytal being the latest victim of a blindside we now have only 5 survivors left.

There’s Susie, Matty, Sugar, Kenny and Bob.

So who is going to win?
Well as any survivor fan can tell you, the winner is usually impossible to predict but there is certainly three survivor who deserve to win.

Kenny: He masterminded some of the most daring and shocking twists in Survivor history, but the video gamers arrogance has been getting the better of him and he has made some stupid stupid decisions lately. Plus the entire jury (except for Crystal) have all been victims of his manipulation.

Sugar: With Sugar you either hate her or love her. I for one love her. The former Gilmore Girls actress has been the swing vote more than once and she was also behind the biggest blindside that we’ve seen in the past couple of seasons. She has played a good game and has known when to lay low and when to show her cards.

Bob: Bob is the oldest Survivor left and he always wears a bow tie. What’s not to like. Not to mention that Bob has one the last four challenges in a row. He’s also quite crafty, constructing two fake idols that got rid of and broke about Kenny’s dictatorship. Bob is definitely the one to beat both in the challenges and against the tough jury.

Who doesn’t deserve to win:

Susie: I constantly forget about Suzie, it’s not until Tribal Council and Jeff asks her questions that I ever remember she is in the game. I kinda think she thinks she is already voted out and just doesn’t know that she is still in the game. Flying under the radar is one thing, not even being in the plane is completely different.

Matty: Sure Matty is nice and sweet and proposed to his visiting girlfriend. But everyone keeps saying that the is a physical threat and yet he keeps getting beaten by Bob. Matty should be a competitor, instead he keeps writing songs and poetry about his girlfriend (now fiance). Hey Matty, you want to win her over? Come back with a million dollars, not just a good tan.

Not enough Survivor?

I love that my Tivo has been taping the afternoon repeats of old seasons of Survivor on TVtropolis. Right now they are airing the horrendous Survivor:Thailand, but on monday they start airing season six, Survivor: Palau. This was that amazing season that saw one tribe lose every single immunity challenge before they even got to the merge. The remaining two members of that tribe, Stephanie and Bobby-John (what up birthday buddy!) were actually brought back the following season as they were considered Survivor heroes for nearly survivor the decimation.

I can’t believe after all these years, I’m still a Survivor fan!?!
I await your phone call Mark Burnett.

Mike Morrison