Things on the Matsing beach are getting dire. This season of Survivor Philippines has not been kind to the tribe which has now lost three immunity challenges in a row. Despite an increasingly weak Russell, the struggling tribe kept their reluctant leader around for another week, meaning that it was Angie “Cookie” Layton’s turn to have her torch snuffed out.I talked to the bubbly player about her burgeoning showmance with Malcolm, her tribes losing streak those brutal Tribal Councils.

What was it like watching this season with your friends and family, knowing you had a relatively early exit?
Angie: It’s really fun, I loved watching it, because I knew what was going to happen, but I wanted everyone else to be like, “Oh my god!” It was fun, even though we lost every challenge.

How discouraging is it to have a returning player like Russell on your tribe, who should be helpful, but has so far spend this season floundering?
Yeah, I don’t know what was up with that! It was just weird.

Do you think you would have had a different outcome, if you were playing with a different returning player like Michael?
Yeah, I definitely think that. Michael worked with his tribe, if they went slow, he went slow, if they went fast, he went fast. And Russell really wasn’t about that, he was about himself pretty much.

The tribe though you had a “couples” alliance with Malcolm, but really it was Denise and Malcolm who are aligned. Should have been working with them more?
Angie: Yeah, looking back, I definitely would have aligned myself tighter with them, definitely.

So why didn’t you?
Angie: I guess I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was so emotional, it was physically draining. I wish I would have though.

Was the show harder than you thought it would be?
Angie: No, it’s definitely harder. The elements were so hard to endure, but I got through it. The challenges are much harder than you see on TV too.

Was it frustrating to be taking on so many bigger challengers in the challenges?
Angie: Yes! In the second challenge with the sled, I was the only girl to do it. Right away, it was me and Russell against four big guys on the other tribes. During the challenge, I just telling myself, “You can do it, you can do it.” It was a lot of pressure.

During your last challenge, you said you couldn’t go back in the water. But then back on the beach, you said you would have gone back in. Was that just bad editing?
Everything goes 110% miles an hour during a challenge, but whether I said it or not, honestly, nobody heard me say it. That’s why they didn’t bring it up back at the beach. Denise went back in for me. It was such a smart move because she’s so much faster, I would have went, I just would have been slow. Why should it have to be turns? The people who can do it, need to step up.

Why didn’t Malcolm and Denise get rid of Russell instead of you?
Angie: I voted Russell to go home, but they kept him because he’s strong and they want to win more challenges.

Matsing is the only tribe that hasn’t found the hidden Immunity Idol. Where is it?!
Angie: I was all looking for it. Zane and I looked all over, but we couldn’t find it. Russell had the clue but he couldn’t find it either. Things might have been different if I had found the clue, you just never know.

Between the cookie comment and Roxie, you had a rough time in Tribal Council, how’d you feel about your experience there?
Angie: Honestly, I feel like it was not bad at all. TV edits it a certain way. But Jeff, he winked at me, he knew I could handle it. That cookie comment was fine, I owned it. I grew up with five older brothers, I got picked on every day, I just have thick skin. I really wasn’t bothered by it.

It’s the season of returning players, if asked, would you go back?
Angie: Heck yeah!

Survivor: Phillipines airs Wednesday nights on Global TV.

Mike Morrison


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