Rupert, Russell and Malcolm, they’ve all had the advantage of playing back-to-back seasons. I say advantage, because there is only a two week break between seasons, so returning players often end up playing with a tribe that has no idea about their first season. Or is it a disadvantage, because returning playing must play a grueling game, with little energy or really, mental stability?

When Malcolm Freberg returned to play in Fans Vs. Favourites, he knew he has his work cut out for him. Having come so close the first time, fans at home were certainly rooting for him, but all that enthusiasm only got him so far and as the leader of the “The Three Amigos” his game finally ran out of steam on this week’s Survivor.

Here’s our interview.

There was only two weeks in between your two seasons. What was your thought process in going back so quickly?
Malcolm: Jeff Probst asked me five minutes after I got kicked off the Phillipines, so I was still heated from the end of that game. So, of course I wanted to go back immediately. He could have told me wherever or whenever or told me that I had twenty minutes and I would have gone back. I didn’t even think about it. If I had thought about it, there’s no way that I would have said no, so as much I was physically and mentally exhausted, there’s no way I wasn’t going back.

Since you played back-to-back, no one knew how you did on your first season, what did you tell the favourites?
Malcolm: I gave like 95% of the truth, because I needed to come off genuine, because they didn’t know anything about me. And if they sensed any deception on Day 1, they are going to jump on it and make me an excuse for the first elimination. I was very, very honest.

Survivor-Caramoan-Fans-vs.-Favorites-Episode-3-12What “favourite” were you most excited to see?
Malcolm: Corinne, actually. Even before we partnered up, I get along with that type of aggressive, loud person, so she’s a good one to take to the end, because no one is going to vote for her.

What do you think your best move was this season?
Malcolm: I still really liked stealing Reynold’s idol, just because I really did come up with that in the spur of the moment. I was just about to play my idol and minutes before Probst came out with the votes, I realized that could just take Reynold’s. Because it was so spur of the moment, that’s my favourite one.

Were you surprised that he gave it to you?
Malcolm: Not really. He’s such an optimized, who’s down for any hair brained scheme ever. Not everyone out there would give it me, like Cochran or Phillip. But I remember thinking, “Is Reynold really going to give it to me? Of course he is, it’s Reynold.” That’s just the person he is!

What did he say to you when he realized that you had an idol the whole time?
Malcolm: When he first figured it out, I could see the hurt flash behind his eyes. But the first time that I told him that I had an idol beforehand, was right after I told him I found the second idol and we were going to use it to get rid of Phillip. So I covered that serious deception with good news.

tumblr_inline_milc191XHl1qz4rgpIs there a move or elimination that you felt bad about?
Malcolm: I don’t feel guilty about anything. But the move with Phillip, that’s not how it was supposed to work. It was supposed to be a bluff and everyone was going to vote for Phillip and we were going to keep the idols. As much fun of that was, that’s really not how I saw that going in my head at all.

How did you see it going?
Malcolm: Me and Eddie were going to pull out the idols, everyone would get so scared and vote for Phillip. And Erik called it out and said told everyone that if we don’t vote for them, they get to keep their idols. It cost us two idols.

We’re not seeing much of Erik and Brenda, are they playing a good game and we’re not just seeing it?
Malcolm: Ever since we got rid of Francesca in the first vote, all Brenda has been doing is kissing everyone’s butt trying to work her way back in. It’s very quiet and only time will tell if it’s effective. Erik is out there to play games and go swimming and doesn’t have a care in the world and seeing how long people will keep him around. I really think if you knocked on his head it would be hollow. If that’s his brilliant strategy to get to the end, then good on him.

Who do you think is playing a great game?
Malcolm: I think there is a case to be made for the core group of the favourites. I would say Andrea, Dawn, Cochrane and even Brenda. They have the best arguments to win at this moment, but they are going to have to turn on each other at some point.

reward_episode9 - CopyAfter you were eliminated, you had to hang out with Phillip on the Jury, what was that like?
Malcolm: It was very cordial, there wasn’t too much confrontation. The first night he was a perfect gentleman and I’m sure part of that was that he felt justified that I just got kicked off or something. It was never friendly and we didn’t but heads too much.

Last question, how good does beer taste out there?
Malcolm: You have no idea. It was like nectar and ambrosia it was ridiculously good. I literally levitated off of my feet at the auction. I couldn’t help myself. As soon as I got kicked off, Michael Snow met me with a beer and I could finally relax.

Mike Morrison