It’s hard to believe that Survivor is back for its 26th season.  This year, the cast features some familiar faces, along with a whole new tribe in what is the second edition of Fans vs. Favourites.

Right of the gate, the favourites realized that the fans were not only smart, they were strong and before episode’s end, the favourites were on their way to Tribal Council.

The odds of Survivor should have been in Francesca Hogi’s favour. After being voted out first during her first season, there is no way that she’d be the first person voted out again, right? Well, the odds were not in her favour.

Here’s my interview with the first Survivor to be voted out first…twice.

Are you frustrated to be voted out first…again?
Francesca: It’s frustrating, but honestly, we shot the season so long ago that I’ve had a long time to get over it. It’s one of those things, there’s nothing you can do. You just have to accept it and move on with your life. I’m over it now.

People talk about Survivor being a life changing experience, but when you play only six days over two seasons, can it have that same effect?
Francesca: I can’t say that I feel that way. Obviously, I was giving it my all, but I think I’ve always had the perspective that it is a game and that it wasn’t my real life. I think I learned that I was a little tougher than I thought I was, because I’m sorta a princess in real life. I like to get my nails done and I’m kinda a germaphobe. But when I’m out there, I can just get in that zone, I know that I have to poop in the woods, I can do that. It’s good to know that you have that in you.

101917_d00726bWas it an easy yes for you to come back and play?
Francesca: No, it wasn’t. I think I’m in the minority of Survivor players. Most people that have played, would jump at the chance to play again, but then there are others who wouldn’t ever. I think I was somewhere in the middle. I didn’t ever think I would have the chance to play again, so I never really considered it a possibility. But once it came up, it was really hard to say no to.

When did you find out that you’d be playing against Phillip again?
Francesca: We all met up in L.A and traveled to the Philippines together. It wasn’t until the game was about to start.

And what was your reaction to seeing him?
Francesca: “Oh great, here we go again.” Just my luck, I wasn’t surprised to see him though.

How come the Hidden Immunity Idol didn’t come in to play in the first episode?
Francesca: Well, everyone was looking for it and it was pretty obvious that everyone was looking for it. I think everybody thought it was in the rice or the beans, so lots of people spent lots of time lingering around the food.

101917_d05525bBecause of how Survivor shoots it’s seasons and then airs them, you guys actually didn’t see Malcolm’s season, so you had no idea how good of a player he was?
Francesca: No, we didn’t know anything about Malcolm. Honestly, when we met up in L.A, I thought Malcolm worked for CBS. It didn’t even occur to me that he was a contestant. I was definitely wary of Malcolm, because he’s the devil that we don’t know. Obviously he was back for a reason, so I was wary of him at first. But he’s a great guy, I like him a lot. Because we were out-muscled by the Fans tribe and Malcolm is a strong, young guy, there was never any chance of him being in trouble early on in the season.

Are you done with Survivor? What if they did a season of people who were voted out first?
Francesca: Honestly, I don’t think they’ll ever do that. But even if they did, no, I’m done. This way, I’m at the polar opposite of Sandra. She played twice and won twice. I played twice and I went out first twice. And all the other players that have played Survivor are in the spectrum between Sandra and I. It’s crazy to say, but nobody else is going to be able to say that. Why mess it up?

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