>So, as I’m typing this my arch nemesis is playing on the first episode of Deal or No Deal Canada. Before the cases were even opened she has already talked to her imaginary Mountie officer. I’m not happy to report that after opening six kicks she started doing this weird kicking-pointing gesture thing. The banker has called her “loud and annoying” and do you know what I have to agree!

I’m also sad to report that someone has married her. This distresses me more than I feel comfortable with.

As I’m watching this I’m kinda happy that it is only being shown in Canada. I know it seems like that I’m jealous, but rightly so. I’m extremely jealous that this girl from the Wizard of Oz reject pile is being allowed to play this fun game, while I”m stuck sitting in my bed with a laptop watching her pick my case and winning my money!

Great now she is talking about going to the Philippines, I can only hope that she will stay there, or at the very least crash on the way there. No, no no, I don’t mean that. Really I don’t. I’m saying this mostly cause she has just knocked out the $100,000 ; $200,000 ; $750,000 and the One Million dollar prize. Ha ha, at this point she will be lucky to buy a flight to Newfoundland!

Well we’ll have to wait till Thursday to find out how she does, but I think we all know how I hope it turns out!

Mike Morrison