Happy Super Sunday! While you are watching the Olympics and try to figure out why curling goes on for so many games, see what else is going on in the world of Canadian blogs!
Go Canada Go!
  • Shocking news: 80 Million people don’t think Farmville is the most annoying thing ever. (Review Crew)
  • I’m glad I’m not the only Canadian blog that loves Life, Unexpected (The TV Addict)
  • Edmonton Oiler’s Mike Camrie is marrying Lizzie Maguire! (XOXO Jes)
  • Ben Nemtin (The Buried Life) is dating someone from the Hills. His Canadian credibility has already slipped 4%. (Out is Through)
  • What do you think of CTV’s Olympic Morning with the kids from MTV? Bill Brioux’s has some opinions. (TV Feeds My Family)
  • Is Figure Skating dead? Good question. (Yesterday’s Weirdness)
  • Another ‘fish’ has incurred the wrath of Plenty of Bitch. Poor guy. (Plenty of Bitch)
  • I love British Columbia and all, but I’m so excited to never ever see this commercial again. “British Columbia is beautiful, just look at our green screens!”

Mike Morrison