Remember that completely absurd interview with Sun TV’s Krista Erikson and internationally renowed dancer Margie Gillis a few weeks ago?  Well if you do, good for you, because I purposely didn’t write about it on the blog, I didn’t dare give Erikson a second of my attention, but things have gotten so ridiculous, that I simply have to comment.

But first, for those who didn’t see the interview, it was basically Erikson grilling Gillis about why Arts organizations felt okay taking Government funding, you know, cause the arts are so ridiculous.  If you have a strong stomach, I suggest you watch the video because it really is the most silly thing you’ll ever see.  It really makes Canadians look so stupid, it’s plain and simply embarrassing.

Since airing, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has received more than 4,000 complaints about the controversial interview.  To put that in perspective, the council usually receives only 2,00 a YEAR!  That’s double the complaints for one single interview!  (And yet somehow she retains her job.) They’ve received so many complaints, that the CBSC has requested that no more be sent because they are already overwhelmed.  It’s simply ridiculous.

What bugs me the most is that Krista Erikson is probably sitting in her poorly decorated Urban Barn-inspired condo loving every moment of this.  She’s likely obsessed with googling her name and has rationalized all of this media and press by saying ridiculous things like, “If people are talking about it, it means I’m doing my job as a journalist.”

Well you know Erikson, as a blogger I’m probably the furthest thing from a journalist and when I think your job and life is a joke, then you know it’s bad. And Krista, just to be clear, we are all indeed laughing at you. You are legitimately one of this country’s most embarrassing public figures and I thank my lucky stars that Sun TV is as unpopular as it is, because that means I don’t have to deal with your cheap attempts at grabbing headlines at the expense of others on a daily basis.

I know the world isn’t perfect enough for you to get fired for this, but I hope people close to you are disappointed in your actions.  Because they are probably the only ones who are likely to get through to you, either that, or you’re too far gone, which just might be the saddest outcome possible.

Mike Morrison


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  3. This is exactly the type of “journalism” I would expect from the Canadian Fox News Network.

    Margie Gillis handled her quite well and with such poise.

  4. What an embarrassing ignoramus Krista Erikson is. I haven’t watched Sun TV and this frightens me away. YIKES!

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