>So after what seems like the longest season ever The Hills finally ends on Monday night. And what a season it has been. Spencer and Heidi have continued to pretend that they are fighting. Lauren and Heidi have both left Teen Vogue even though I don’t think anyone has told Lisa Love, Audrina answered the phone a couple of times, Lo made Heidi actually look like a nice person, Stephen showed up for some reason, Jason did too. And that’s just what my therapist has made me forget.

So tonight marks an end of the season and it also gives us a three month break from the girls. And I think we all agree that we that a break is in order. But what are we going to do during the summer months? What will be our reason to continue living? What will be the point of getting out of bed?

Who knows, maybe it will what will be taking over The Hills time slot a new reality show called The Paper. Which follows the staff of a high school newspaper. Or what I like to call: my high school dream come true.

Mike Morrison