>A great new book arrived in my mailbox today and I can’t wait to read it.

Okay, the above sentance isn’t exactly accurate.

1) I don’t know if it is great, I’m judging it by it’s cover.
2) Yes, I read. It’s just usually magazines.

But that is all about to change since finding out yesterday that I will be wearing an air cast for the 6 weeks. My accident just re-iterates why I think bloggers should stay bloggers. We should try running or jogging. We should just sit on our couches watching Entourage reruns.

But that’ not the most positive attitude to have. So yes, I will be readin this summer. And I’m going to start with The Earth Hums in B Flat, which is the first novel by Mari Strachan.

Wish me luck! And send suggestions!

Mike Morrison