• What are you doing this summer?  Chris over at out is through has created a summer fun list and I’m having a great time following him check off a fun thing, one by one.
  • One of my favorite new reads is XOXOJes.  She bitter, sarcastic and gets some funny scoops.
  • The guys over at the review crew are saying that maybe you should hold off on the iphone until they get some kinks worked out.  This is good, since i’m STILL fighting with rogers.
  • Even though I’m bald, I have this odd facisionation with shampoo.  I think that is why i’m so jealous of Canadian Beauty.
  • Meg also has a great entertainment gossip site.  We like to play “who knew first”.  I’m pretty sure is the reason I’ll be spending my summer in a leg cast.

Mike Morrison