>Somethings I’ll never get.

Why I watch Big Brother, how come Arrested Development never became the hit it should and who actually saw National Treasure 2.

But today I’ve decided to add another thing to the list: St. Patricks Day.

I mean really what is it about this day that makes people feel the need to go out and get trashed. This year it fell on a Monday and the irish pubs near my house had lines that were close to 100 people. Do people really have nothing better to do with their time than to go out just because someone invented this day up?

I understand if you are Irish, go ahead celebrate. But the Irish pub by my house has 4cent wings and I wasn’t able to get them today because people wanted to wear green beads and pretended that today actually meant something to them.

So instead I had yogurt. I guess that’s what I’m really mad at.
Stupid yogurt.

Mike Morrison