George is about to get a lot of new girlfriends!

CNN announced today that they are launching a new interview show hosted by none other than  George Stroumboulopoulos!

Fret not fans, this doesn’t mean he’s leaving our great country for good. The series will have a limited summer run of ten episodes on Friday nights and will feature interviews of musicians and other pop culture personalities, not unlike his show on CBC.

I’m probably the only one that remembers this, but this actually isn’t George’s first foray into the ol’ US of A. In 2006, he used an American Idol lookalike called The One on ABC. It’s ratings were dismal and it was canceled after only two weeks. Turns out “the one” stood for how many people watched the show.

But that was a LONG time ago and George is easily one of Canada’s hottest commodities, right up there with his office mate Jian Ghomeshi, who’s show Q pulls in big ratings and acclaim in the US too.  CTV’s Ben Mulroney has also been making appearances on Good Morning America.


The move to bring George to CNN makes sense, as the network has been struggling lately in the ratings as they look for the ever lucrative younger demo, that has seemed to move on without network cable channels.

It’s definitely going to be great to see George on CNN, I think it’s the first of some big moves for him!

And just cause, here’s a clip of when my Granny was on Strombo’s show:

Mike Morrison