I love writers.

Obviously I do, I kinda consider myself one.
But with the strike lagging on it’s 45th day and the repercussions are being felt everywhere.
Today it was announced that the Writers Guild would boycott the Golden Globes and on top of that the Peoples Choice Awards were cancelled.  This is just two other steps for the writers to show how powerful they are.
But what about the actors?  If they were to cross the lines to attend and maybe receive a Golden Globe their reputation would be destroyed and it would be a huge sign of disrespect to the writers.  but then again, it’s the Golden Globes, which some consider only second in importance to the Oscars.
It’s easy to not feel bad for actors because they make all the money and some feel they wouldn’t even get the acclaim if it wasn’t for the writers, but we can’t forget that they are people too.  They have worked their entire lives and receiving a Golden Globe or Peoples Choice award would just be the icing on the cake.  But isn’t the icing sometimes the best part?
By the writers boycotting the award shows they are depriving the actors of perhaps the once and a lifetime achievement they have worked their entire lives for.  So who are the writers actually punishing?  
I think most of Hollywoods elite actors have thrown their support behind the writers guild but now it’s time for the writers to support the actors.  Let them go to the awards shows, let them thank their families and friends.  Just don’t let David Letterman host.

Mike Morrison