Sponsored by ATB

The last few months have been (hopefully) the hardest and most trying period that any entrepreneur and small business will have to go through.  So often, we’re just barely getting by and even with plans of re-opening the province starting to take place, it can be hard to imagine how so many of us will recover.  

For me, the new theme for my business has been “Try something.”  With all of my conferences and events on hold, I was terrified about how I would be able to survive, but I told myself that I need to at least try something and not give up just yet, which is why I started doing webinars. The first one I did, “Social Media In A Crisis” was attended by more than 500+ people from across the country. The next week, we did another one with 600 people. So then I started the SocialAtHome series and we ended up having more than 700 join us. I had never even attended a webinar before, but all of a sudden I was hosting two a week. The point is, now is the time for entrepreneurs to try something. 

When photographer Neil Zee pivoted and became a “porchtrait” photographer, his calendar was instantly packed with hundreds of sessions. How can your business pivot?

Which is why I love that ATB has rebooted its ATB BoostR platform, making it easier for entrepreneurs to try something! 

We’re familiar with crowdfunding platforms, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ATB’s BoostR platform has been re-designed to help this province’s small businesses get access to capital now, not thirty days from now. So unlike standard crowdfunding campaigns, you don’t need to hit a minimum monetary goal to get the money you raised. If you raise $500, you get $500. If you raise $10,000, you get $10,000! They’ve also waived their fees, so it really does mean that the money you raise is the money you get to keep.

And the ATB BoostR program is open to ALL Alberta businesses, no matter where you bank. Yup, you heard it right, you do not need to be an ATB customer.

We all know that cash is king. And as a small business, cash flow has been challenged more than ever during this crisis. With ATB BoostR, you won’t have to wait long to get the cash that your campaign raises, because the money will be put into your bank account on a weekly basis. So you can start working on your idea right away. 

But time is precious and you’re probably exhausted, I get that for sure.  So how about we make launching your campaign a little more exciting.  On Wednesday, May 13, I’m going to be going live on Instagram and giving four ATB BoostR campaigns $500.  To be eligible, you have to submit your campaign to ATB by midnight on Sunday, May 10.

Your campaign doesn’t have to break the internet. It can be something simple. This is really just an easy (and free!) way to get much-needed funds in your bank account now.  It can be something that helps get your business through until June. Maybe ask for money to buy a top of the line webinar platform. Or enough to bring back one employee. Now is the time to ask your friends, fans and customers for help. And the BoostR platform makes it easier for people to give you the funds you need now.  If anything, I’ve seen the generosity of Albertans over the past few months, and I know they’ll want to help you, you just have to tell them how. 

So click here to launch your campaign.  Try something. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

Mike Morrison