If you are a fan of Starbucks but not a fan of aspirng novelists, geeky bloggers or World of War Craft pros, then you might want to find a new coffee shop.

Starting on Canada Day, every Starbucks in North America started offered free wifi.  Actually, for the past year Starbucks has been offering wifi, but you needed a registered card to access it for two hours.  But now it is completely free for anyone, best yet, there is no time limit!

So now you’ll have to fight with anyone who has a laptop for those often, very limited seats at Starbucks. And while I have been known to be one of those guys who sits at Starbucks to do some writing, I’ve made it a personal rule to never take the last table!  The second I’m effecting business for any sort of coffee shop, I’m outta there!  The last thing I need is the complete downfall of a business on my shoulders.  Okay, maybe I’m exagerating a little bit, but you get the point!

Like Oprah’s no texting while driving promise, can we all promise not to be wifi hogs?

Mike Morrison